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Ok lets talk about this real quick

So yesterday a video has been uploaded by a known user named FluffTheOrangeLilFox When i watched the video couldn't believe my eyes when i saw my own fanart that i made for Junkie Ya' know TheNamesJunkie anyways, when i saw my art in the video i was super happy cause my art has never appeared on anyone's videos but this user's video was very...interesting,They only talked about how good and 'ok' it was, now i'm not upset or anything But it really peeves me off when someone doesn't leave a link to the original artist who created the artwork or fanart,especially when they didn't really ask me or any of these users to see if they could use their art to put in this video,Now i don't know if i'm overreacting but when i saw this video i thought they were going to talk about Junkie's fans and fanart but mostly it was the fanart even though the video wasn't very good in my opinion cause of the noise in the backround you at least tried but All i ask is: Next time you make a video that has someone else's artwork in them,link them to the original artist! What if there was fan art for you would you link them to the artist that made it for you? i guess you would cause they made it for you plus you have to give them some credit...

Btw whats this i here about the face looking boring in the video? XD 

i'm just gonna leave some names and links to the artwork and artists all in oder that was shown in the video since fluff didn't do it themselves,Also go check out these awesome people and their art ;D
What have I done??? by MsCreepyPlagueDoctor what have i done??? by MsCreepyPlagueDoctor
[GIFT] Endless Strawberry by TheSoldierOfSpadesEndless Strawberry by TheSoldierOfSpades
Oh Boy Its Junkie by lyrictherascal1313Oh boy It's junkie by yours truly me~
b-day gift for TheNamesJunkie (fixed) by TheChildOfGrayB-day gift for TheNamesJunkie (fixed) by TheChildOfGray
Spunkie by DjGomaSar12 Spunkie by DjGomaSar12
NamesJunkie by SnakeHugz TheNamesJunkie by SnakeHugz
Please by crazy-artest Please by crazy-artest

Ok bye~

EDIT: Ok so someone already let them know about the "leave the links in the discription" thing And i just wanna say thank you for doing that i could've said it better myself...but i forgot ;w; if you saw this journal and noticed that they didn't leave any links to the artist Again thank you for seeing this and letting them know to leave the links ;3


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